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Tent Accessories

DESCRIPTION: These string lights are a perfect way to light up your tent and merchandise for after dark commerce.  1.5w per bulb (15w total) 17 ft of hangable string lights (24.5 ft string cord total).

30,000 mah Premium Portable Powerpack 

This pack of lights fit:
1 pack = 10' X 10' tent
3 packs = 10' X 20' tent
6 packs = 20' X 20' tent

 DESCRIPTION: of 4 Weight Bags, Each Can Hold 60lbs of Weight in Sand, Rock, Dirt etc., (Sand Not Included) Straps attached to each weight bag to wrap around legs of the canopy for sturdiness in outdoor conditions; easy to fill, easy to carry

Up to 60 lbs. each

1 - Weight Package for 10' X 10' Tents
2 - Weight Packages for 10' X 20 Tents
3 - Weight Packages for 20' X 20' Tents

DESCRIPTION: Attaches flags to the tent legs; does not include flag or flagpole.

Aircraft Aluminum